Corby - How To Use
Step 1
Raise the arms to open the press.

Step 2
Insert your trousers and smooth into position.

Step 3
Close the press and set the Automatic timer.

Step 4
Trousers can be removed when ready or left in the press until required.

The Unique Corby Stretcher System
Trousers are gripped at the base of the heating pad by a specially sprung section (pictured above).
This absorbs the extra thickness of turn-ups or hems and ensures even pressure
When closing the press, two ribbed bars gently ease trousers back into shape.
These are essential to remove back-of-knee wrinkles

Why Use A Corby Trouser Press
All materials that can be ironed can be pressed
Keeps the trousers in shape
Leaves no shine on the material
Costs less than 5p to run
Removes back of the knee wrinkles
Wake to freshley pressed ready to wear trousers